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Téléfrançais was a French language children's television show, produced by TVOntario from 1984 until 1986.

The series of 30 ten-minute episodes has become a popular teaching tool, and is used by many educators (especially in Canadian schools) to teach French as a second language to elementary school children.

The show follows the adventures of two children named Jacques (Jacques Dell) and Sophie (Colombe Demers), and Ananas (voiced by René Lemieux), a talking pineapple who resides in a junkyard. Other recurring characters are Pilote, Ginette, the Annonceur, Monsieur Pourquoi (le Superdétective), Louis Questionneur, Brigitte Banane, and the comic skeletal musical group Les Squelettes.

The programs were produced by Jennifer Lawrance and directed by David Moore. The theme and all of Les Squelettes' songs were written by the team of Bruce Ley and Jed MacKay. All the characters and scripts were created by Ken Sobol.

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